10 Helpful Items to Bring to Voyageurs National Park

Recommended Items to Bring to Voyageurs

Updated: April 2021

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Top 10 Things to bring to Voyageurs National Park

General Recommendations for Backcountry Camping, Frontcountry Camping, or Boating in Voyageurs.

  1. Voyageurs National Park Map
  2. Bug Repellent
  3. First Aid Kit
  4. GPS
  5. Marine Radio / 2-Way Radio
  6. Water Purifier / Filtration System
  7. Headlamp
  8. Rain Gear
  9. Fire Starters
  10. Solar Battery Charger
  1. Voyageurs National Park Map
  2. This map is a must for anyone visiting Voyageurs. As reception in the park is unreliable, having a detailed topographic map will make the most of your adventure through the terrain. The map is called ‘Backcountry Tough’ for a reason. It is GPS compatible with the Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) grid, tear-resistant and waterproof. The National Park is huge, 341 square miles to be exact so having a reliable source of the trails is essential.

    Park & Paddle Combo Pack - The Paddle combo map pack contains paddle routes for kayaking and canoeing trips in Voyageurs..

  3. Bug Repellent
  4. I like being bit and bothered by mosquitoes while enjoying the outdoors, said no one ever. In the deepest part of the park to cruising along the shore, bugs are everywhere. Having a mosquito repellent will ensure a better experience. Having a hands-free, no application repellent is a no brainer. The Thermacell Repeller attaches just to a camping fuel canister. It works within minutes and provides 15 feet and hours of bug protection. The better way to stay protected from those pesky mosquitoes and you won’t need to apply any sprays with Deet that may irritate you more than bugs! Keep it hands free and relaxing with Termacell Repeller.

    Natural & Deet-Free - Natural ingredient based and deet-free bug repellent.

  5. First Aid Kit
  6. It is essential having a first aid kit in your pack. Whether you’re going for a day hike or staying a few nights at a campsite, accidents happen and in case of an emergency a first aid kit will provide quick access to essential supplies. With the old school hard plastic cases that can break and expose your supplies, this fabric pouch is easy to slide in and out of your backpack and is waterproof. It has clear pockets that keep your supplies organized and provides quick access for those unexpected accidents.

    See a complete list of Camping First Aid Kits on Amazon.com

  7. GPS
  8. Garmin handheld GPS’s are an excellent addition to any trip in Voyageurs National Park. The GPS features a marine mode with downloadable fishing maps and ariel satellite imagery to assist with navigation. Other Garmin models include 2-Way Radio or satellite-based text communication between units.

  9. Marine Radio / 2-Way Radio
  10. If you are on the water in Voyageurs, bring a marine radio! A quality marine radio is a lifeline in an emergency situation in the park and can help quickly connect with other boaters or visitors nearby. A 2-way radio is useful on larger islands, or when trekking the backcountry hiking trails.

  11. Water Purifier / Filtration System
  12. One of the most essential items you can have on any hike, camping trip or stroll in the National Park is a water purifier. Voyageurs is a beautiful place you can easily spend hours trekking through and having clean water with you is essential. The Sawyer S3 Foam Filter is better than carrying a water bottle. It’s incredibly lightweight and provides you with 400 uses of filtered water. Having over 84,000 acres of water in all of the park you’ll be able to use the Foam Adsorption Technology in the Sawyer S3 and extend your experience in the National Park.

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  13. Headlamp
  14. A headlamp is one of those items that make fixes around the house convenient and one of those things you wished were around when you were holding the flashlight for your Dad as a kid. ;)> The starry nights in the park are stunning but walking around in the pitch black is quite difficult, especially in the backcountry. When night falls it can get dark quickly and having a headlamp is definitely essential. It provides a bright path ahead and it’s hands free. If you’re lucky you may even catch some wild life activity! The Energizer LED headlamp offers continuous hours of light that make walking around the campsite and trek back to the car in the evening essential. Make sure to bring this with you on your next trip.

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  15. Rain Gear
  16. Not even the weatherman can predict the forecast in Voyageurs National Park. It’s a necessity to have proper rain gear with you as the weather can change within the hour. Having a rain jacket and pants will keep you safe with the changing weather and extend your adventure through the park. Some of the best fishing can happen during the rain; make sure you’re prepared to take advantage and have your rain gear with you. TideWe has the perfect waterproof jacket with pants and it all comes in a small pouch. This can easily slide into any pack and can be a lifesaver.

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  17. Fire Starters
  18. Deciding on a camping trip to Voyageurs? Make sure to pack Quicksurvive Survival Fire Starters. Rain or shine these fire starters will be sure to get your campfire going and each piece stays lit for up to 10 minutes. These fire starters light easily and get going even with damp wood. Unlike other fire starters, this has a shelf life of 30 years so you have little worry about it expiring on you and it’s waterproof.. A fire at a campsite or in an emergency is vital so don’t leave home without the Quicksurvive Starters.

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  19. Solar Battery Charger
  20. LuminAID Solar Charger and Lantern will take your camping trip to another level. You can easily charge this lantern with a full 2 days of sun or approximately 4 hours by USB. This lantern will light up your campsite in the evening or even provide plenty of light during an afternoon walk in the National Park. What brings your camping to the next level is it can also charge your phone, camera or any USB device. A new and improved way to capture your experience in Voyageurs. Plus this lantern is collapsible. Unlike a flashlight, the LuminAID can fit flat in your backpack and is lightweight.

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